Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Crazy C Family Fun

Last week was the annual CFamily Reunion. This year we went to Twin Lakes, and as usual, had a crazy, wonderful time! There was plenty of family, sunshine, water, boats, good food, and good times. If you know the C's, you understand. . .what else does a person need?

Emmy crashed in her favorite nap spot, Uncle Chris' boat!

Kate, co-captaining the boat with her look alike uncle, Chris.
(She doesn't get that beautiful brown skin from me!)
Tubing, hot-dogging. . .
Zim-Zam. . .

and sand castle building.

Ryenne rides the waves.
Courtney learning how to surf. Cowabunga, Dude- he's riding the wave!

The crew in Chris & Amy's boat.
We had 3 boats up there, and they were pretty much constantly in action!
Emmy, Halle, McKell, and Jeremiah

Surfing was the big hit this year.
(Aunt Amy showing how it's done. She's in the "sweet spot"!)

Uncle Chris paying off his bet to Cole by eating a grasshopper. Before the reunion, Cole had caught a grasshopper. Chris had dared him, "If you eat that, I'll eat one too."
Daring a 7 year old boy? Bad idea.
Aunt Jodi planned the reunion this year and did a great job! Due to doctors orders, I spent most of the time in a lawn chair! (Luckily for me, Grandpa supplied us with a trailer to sleep in!) However, Courtney stepped it up and helped the girls have a great time. A few of the highlights were the "Battle of the S'mores" contest (our family won the Chocolate Lovers Division) and the "Beach Boogie". The kids loved the Beach Boogie, which was held down on the beach at about 11:00 pm one night. It was complete with tiki torches, good tunes from Uncle Shawn's boat, and glow stick necklaces for everyone. Emmy proudly led the 'Macarena'. Also popular were YMCA, the chicken dance, "Hammertime", and the Beach Boys. The girls had a great time shaking their booties with their Dad. The only complaints came from the boy cousins when the slow dancing began. Oh, yuck!
Also popular was the "Survivor Challenge". The teams were split into girl cousins + Uncles versus boy cousins + Aunts. Here is Courtney's great shot of Sadie whining about having boys on her team! I was only an eye witness, but I'd have to say the girls had a bit of an advantage by having Uncles Shawn, Matt, Courtney, and AJ on their team. Ever heard the old adage, "If you're not cheating, you're not trying hard enough?" But you didn't hear it from me.
All lined up, ready to go!. . .And they're off for the hill climb!A little horseshoe competition. . .
the under-the-table scramble. . .and team girls + uncles celebrates a lead.
The Shasta Challenge. Each team had to drink several bottles of warm lemon-lime Shasta. The uncles had a pretty good "pour in the mouth and let it drain out" technique going on. I don't know how much of it actually got swallowed, but enough that Courtney threw up 3 times on the run they had to do afterward.It's off for the raft race. Each team had to fit the whole team either in or touching the raft, swim it out to a buoy, and get back to the beach. Whoever touched the beach was declared the official "Survivor". Uncle Matt and Courtney splash at Sadie's reaction to them consoling the boy cousins that their loss was only due to having the Aunts on the team!
The boys trying to come from behind for a win. Sadly, it wasn't meant to be.Courtney, grinning victoriously!
And so, another fabulous C reunion makes history. The girls played so hard but had the best time. I thought David summed it up best. The last night he asked Grandma Croney, "Do you know the one thing I hate about the reunion?" When she asked him what it was, he replied, "It's my favorite time of the whole year, and it only lasts three days!"

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. The girls were asleep within seconds of us driving away. In the famous words of Grandpa Bop, "Home again, home again, riggidy jig. Home again, home again, the big fat pig". . .

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