Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Easter Bunny Comes to Our House!

The girls were so excited for Easter this year! Ryenne was sure to leave the Easter Bunny a snack on Saturday night to help buoy him up for a busy night of delivering goodies. After a bit of thought, she decided that lettuce (celery) and some water would fit the bill. We were awakened Easter morning by a very excited, giggling Ryenne. The Easter Bunny had been so hungry that it ate all but one stalk of celery!
The Hunt begins! At our house, the Easter Bunny hides the girls baskets and leaves candy and goodies EVERYWHERE! The girls love to wake up to trails of candy lining the hallways, window sills, and floorboards. Everywhere they look is evidence of the Easter Bunny's appearance. Once they find their baskets, they are lined up and given the "ready, set, go"!
Ryenne is a pro. Any self-respecting Easter egg hunter who carries the Croney blood line knows that the first item of business is chocolate. The first sweep is on a chocolate-only basis. Once all chocolate is picked up and accounted for in your basket, only then do you make a second run to gather up less important items, such as jelly beans, etc. These only serve to fill up your basket so you can win the "who has the most candy in the basket" contest when you gather with your siblings to compare the goods.

Grandpa Croney was on hand to help teach Emmy the tricks of the trade.

As you can see, Kate made a haul. (Good thing they left the celery for the Easter Bunny. I could tell he must have been in a grand mood when leaving Easter goodies for the Wood girls!)

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Darcie said...

It sounds like the Easter Bunny leaves the same stash at your house that he does at Grandma Croney's. You've trained Ryenne well Kelly, first sweep is for chocolate! Now Kate's basket... cold cereal? That actually sounds great to me!