Sunday, March 30, 2008

Elementary Egg Drop - 2008

Our elementary has a fun tradition that the girls love, the annual Egg Drop. Each year, the students are given an opportunity to create some kind of package for an egg. The key is to make it strong enough so that the egg doesn't crack when it is dropped from an airplane! (And boy, do they drop!) The planes make about 10 passes, dropping some each time. The kids love to watch them all fly through the air and bounce when they hit. It's a wonder any eggs make it through at all! Once the eggs are all dropped, the kids run out on the field to find their egg, and then take them to the "judges" who open up the packages to see how the egg fared. It's really fun to watch them open up all the boxes, etc. and see all of the creative ideas! We've done this now for three years, every year since Ryenne started Kindergarten. So far, we've only made it through without cracking 1 of the 3 years! (Guess we need to work on our engineering!) But the girls just love it!

Each family gets one try, so Courtney and the girls put their heads together again this year to come up with a creative, formidable packaging for their eggs. This year Ryenne and Kate decided putting the egg in jello would a great way to go. Because we didn't know if the eggs were kept refrigerated, Courtney brought some stuff home from work that starts as a liquid, but sets up like a jello consistency. Court was a little worried because it ended up being really heavy! But the girls were optimistic. . .

. . .however, Dad was right! The package was so heavy that when it dropped, both the top and the bottom of the container became unattached! We thought we could see yolk and the judges confirmed it! Mrs. Goodliffe, the school librarian had to dig through the goop to make sure. We laughed when she said, "This one is creeping me out!" Sadly, our poor egg didn't make it this year!
However, we're already at work thinking about next year's idea! Better luck next time!


dippyrooroo said...

Awesome! At my sister's school they do something similar but not quite so cool. They drop eggs off the roof of the school. One of the funnier ways of packaging the egg was to wrap it in marshmallow Peeps!

Darcie said...

What a fun tradition! And they drop them from airplanes... wow!