Sunday, January 13, 2008

Snow Much Fun!

Yesterday we took the girls (ours + Nate & Shelly's) tubing at Jack Rabbit Hill. We have finally been blessed with some real live snow, so we decided we'd better take advantage while it lasts!
It was a pretty fun time.
Grandma & Grandpa Jones came to watch- Grandpa Jones even took a few turns! As you can see, it was a pretty wild bunch. The hill pretty much cleared out when we arrived. It was obvious to all the other's (riding mere saucers) that they'd better not mess with this group.
Lauren and Megan hitting the slopes.
Courtney, Emmy, and Megan. (They were the craziest tubers, by a long shot.)
Ryenne and Lauren - "double-tubing".
"Get out of my way!" Kate's on her way down!

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Shauna said...

Hi Kelly,

I love your blog! You guys always seem to be having fun and enjoying life! It is so fun to see! I think the post about Kate pretending to sleep is so funny too! We miss you guys and appriciate your friendship!