Sunday, June 1, 2014

and more savannah

I loved the streets in Savannah.  Seriously beautiful!

 One afternoon we took a walk to an old, unrestored mansion we had heard about.  The man who owns it hasn't done anything to restore it, but sells antiques in it.  The plaster is crumbling everywhere, but it still has the original lights, trim, etc.  Some may not like things like this, but being the nerds we are we were dying.  It was amazing!  We mostly pretended to look at the antiques (although I'm still thinking of places I would have put that Pennsylvania blue chest that was way out my price range :).  What we really spent our time looking at was the house.  Everything is so massive and grand in scale, and the details in everything were so beautiful!  We may have dreamed about what it would be like to take on a project like that.  (See, we are nuts.)  We were so glad we didn't miss this one!

 Just another walk through Forsyth Park.  Beautiful!  One evening while we were there, a bunch of high school students and their families were there taking pictures for prom.  People watching at it's best!

One day we decided to take a little trip to Tybee Island, which is only about 20 minutes from Savannah.  On the way, we stopped at Fort Pulaski, a fort which was built after the Revolutionary War and was used for the last time during the Civil War.  It was so interesting, and so cool to see the canon balls still in the walls of the fort.

Next, we went to the Tybee Island Lighthouse and visited the light keepers home and museum.  So many stairs but definitely worth it!

 Lucky for us, the Azaleas came into bloom while we were in Savannah.  Beautiful color everywhere!

 We stopped into this shop one day on one of our walks, where all the yarn is hand spun.  We had fun talking to this dude, and even talked sheep (it seems sheep are pretty cool, after all!)  Savannah has a huge design school and so the whole historic district has a very fun, artsy feel to it.  I would have loved to bought some of this yarn for Kate, my resident yarn appreciator!

Of course, we had to make several stops to Leopold's- which is famous for ice cream.  The line usually backs up down the street, so we were happy to make friends with this cute guy, Ron.  He came right to our table and talked us through the details of every. single. flavor.  Best customer service ever!  Did you know the old 50's song "Tutti Frutti" was written about Leopold's ice cream?

 (The story is that these dejected lions appeared at this house following the Civil War, reflecting the owners feelings about the outcome of the war.  Made us smile every time we saw them!)

Dinner at the Olde Pink House the last night in Savannah.

We loved this trip.  

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