Sunday, November 24, 2013

"life's hard and that's just the way it is"

These two are quite the buddies.  I love to watch them interact and play together, something that is happening more all the time.  Yesterday I was trying to buckle Sam into his carseat and he wasn't wanting much to do with it.  I finally got the job done and we started driving away.  I had to smile at the conversation coming from the back seat. 

"Sam, I'm sorry but that's just the way it it.  You have to sit in a car seat 'til you're ten.  Well, maybe not ten, but eight.  Even when you're big like me, you have to sit in a seat.  'xept then you can sit in a booster.  We have to so we're safe and that's the rule.  See?    Sorry, but life's hard and that's just the way it is."

When I was growing up and upset about a bad hair day or something equally catastrophic, my dad would tell me, "Life's hard and then you die."  Obviously, we like to break it to 'em young around these parts.

Despite the cold, hard facts of life, my days are pretty fun with these two around.  Busy, because they are both quite the busy little bees- but fun.  One morning Sam and I were eating our breakfast at the table when Claire decided to put on a performance for the two of us.  I loved it.  (By the way, Mr. Sam was an excellent audience.  This kid must know he has a lot of years of dance recitals ahead!)

Sam isn't talking much yet (in fact, he just started speech therapy to help him along), but he loves to read books.  The three of us often cuddle up in the rocking chair with a pile of books.  Sam especially loves anything with tractors or trucks like daddy's.  He is boy all the way through, and loves anything that has to do with his daddy.

Although, I should be a little careful with that last statement, because the boy seems to have a fondness for tutu's- and I hate to make anyone think that his dad runs around in them.  This might have something to do with the fact that his sisters are quite often found in princess/ballerina attire.  We've tried to add a few boy articles to our dress up collection, although we obviously don't get too upset when we see him in a random tutu.  I had to laugh one day when I looked out the back window to see him running across the back lawn after Claire wearing a princess dress.  He was holding up the front of it so he didn't trip, and underneath it he was wearing some camouflage pants!  I think he'll be just fine, although we might have some pretty good blackmail material when he turns 16.

So there you go.  Life's hard and then you die.
Have a lovely day.  :)

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Melissa Summers said...

Hi There, Just got your darling Christmas card and letter. So good to hear from you guys. Not many letters went out this year from us unfortunately. I was laughing at your letter because I can so relate to the teenage years and some of your other stories. I have lost your email address again. So shoot me an email at so we can keep in touch more often and compare parenting tips. :)