Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ryenne's birthday, a month later

Ryenne turned eleven!  Once again, I'm afraid time is going far too quickly for my liking.  I keep threatening to put these girls in a jar to stunt their growth.  Ryenne, who is in no hurry to grow up tells me that would be okay, but Kate- ever the practical one, reminds me that it wouldn't really be possible. 

We started off Ryenne's big day with a birthday donut and candles, as per family tradition. 

For months, Ryenne had been asking if she could have a bunny.  A real one.   Her dad and I immediately nixed this idea.  Really, who needs another pet?

 "I do!" came her reply.  She contended that Buddy isn't just her pet, and she wanted one of her very own.  A bunny, to be exact.  One night, while Courtney and I were on a hot date, she called to ask us to "just think about it" (which is code word for "please talk it over and say yes or I'll keep hounding you 'til you do".)  We told her we would talk it over.  In approximately fifteen minutes, she called back.  I'm sure you can guess why.  We told her that we had indeed talked it over and here's what we decided:  No.  Courtney explained that he was afraid it would be one of those things that seemed very exciting at first and then wore off once the excitement faded away.  She immediately countered back, "Well, how can I show you I'm responsible when you won't give me a chance?"

To his credit, he concurred.  "You've got me there."

So this is what they came up with.  She would take care of Buddy all by herself for one month.  If she did it willingly and consistently, then maybe she could have a bunny for her birthday, which she continued to tell us was the only thing she wanted.  In addition, she would buy all the supplies herself, the food, cage. . .the whole nine yards.


Well, much to our chagrin, she took care of Buddy with gusto.  No complaints, responsible all the way.  As you might imagine, in between feeding and brushing the dog, she spent more than a few spare minutes on KSL, looking at bunnies.  She quickly found the perfect one, a tiny dwarf bunny which was selling for a mere $20.00.  She begged her Dad to buy it, imploring, "If you don't get it, it might be gone!"

A deals a deal, he argued.  One month of doggy-sitting before a bunny.

Soon, the bunny was for sale for only $10.00.  She amped up her begging, insisting that if we didn't move, her little friend would be snatched up by someone else.  Or, maybe the price would increase! 

Nope.  Again came her dad's reply, "A deals a deal".  Besides, he explained, there isn't bound to be a shortage on rabbits any time soon (something about bunnies being quite happy in their quest to multiply and replenish the earth).

So you can bet her Dad wasn't anywhere near home the day that she discovered her bunny had indeed been sold.  Awesome.  He's safely away  in Moab and I'm left to deal with the drama of the year (I've decided he has a sixth sense for predicting and therefore missing those moments).

Turns out we didn't think about one little minor detail in our bunny deal.  It was Easter time.  Seems that is actually quite a hot time for bunnies.  Especially little, teensy weensy baby bunnies that will look so cute and cuddly in an Easter basket.

When it came time for her big day, we kept our part of the bargain.  After a little bit of searching, we happened upon another bunny.  A dwarf, to be exact.  Not white, because I learned from her (after I had one all set to pick up, of course) that the white ones often have red eyes, which "freak her out". 

Meet Thumper, the latest and greatest addition to our family.

 Following her happy meeting of her new little pet, Courtney and I took her for a night out to the Olive Garden.  Later, we celebrated with some cake and ice cream and a sleepover with the ten-year-old Croney cousins.  A successful birthday, after all. 

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