Monday, August 16, 2010

three little monkeys

Once upon a summer afternoon. . . 
this handsome fella,
and yours truly,
decided to take our little flock of gals
to do some of this.
Mr. Handsome Fella
and I spent a lot of time looking straight up.
This gave us reason to believe
we are raising a bunch of monkeys.
Cute monkeys, yes.  But monkeys all the same.
After a while, Mr. handsome fella and I got a bit tired. 
You see, our necks were strained.  
Our arms frazzled. 
And our backs were puckered out. 

The monkeys were just getting started.  

Alas, we bribed them with a feast.
And a trip to the park.
(and perhaps a promise of a post-picnic ice cream cone).
They couldn't resist.
The monkeys,
Mr. Handsome Fella,
and I
unanimously concluded
that every once in a while,
an afternoon like this
makes for a
 Happily Ever After.

The End.

1 comment:

dippyrooroo said...

What fun! You look gorgeous, by the way! It looks like you've caught your breath! Me too. A little wind beneath our wings and we're back at it, huh?
I know I've said this before, but I really love and appreciate your honesty on this blog of yours. And I feel very honored that you've let me be a reader of your blog. You share some really important and personal stuff, and it makes me feel like an important and personal friend.
It meant a lot to me last week that we could commiserate a bit. I was feeling very alone in my struggles, and to know that my amazing friend Kelly was experiencing some of the same feelings helped me feel like maybe I'm not defective because I go through similar trials and cycles. So, thank you.
One of the ways I know Heavenly Father loves me is that he blesses me with good and true friends, and it thrills me that I'm still being blessed all these years later because you were my roommate at Ricks College!