Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Card Sharks

During all the hospital madness in August, Courtney turned his girls into quite the little card sharks. Lately, they can often be found gathered around a stack of cards, playing the latest game he's taught them. A favorite is "war". This is Dad's favorite, because once they get started, he says they can play forever. This comes in handy when he's looking for something to entertain them while he's trying to catch a football game. A few Sundays ago, I found the girls had included Claire in their card playing. (You'll notice the "Patriot" gear Claire is wearing. Dad & his girls made sure she was suited up to cheer on the Patriots in the Sunday night game. )

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Darcie said...

When it comes to football, courtney and ryan are the same person i'm convinced. except substitute patriots with redskins. and each day I'm getting a little bit better at being the wife of a football fanatic.