Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Perfectly Crazy

Do you ever speak before you think? Because if you know me, you know I'm famous for that. Now I realize I am also prone to writing before I think. I just read my last post. Should have done that after I wrote it, because it makes it sound like everyone thinks I'm perfect. Actually, the only people who think I'm always happy and get lots done are the people who barely know me. Those who do know me are painfully aware of all of my many, many imperfections. So, actually, all of you who read my blog already know I'm a mess most of the time. No need to clarify there!

Actually, when Kelsey (my sister-in-law) told me she hates blogs, she was talking about a group of her friends. She's never actually read mine, or yours. So, while she was talking about the "perfect image" blogs portray, I was thinking, "You should read the fun blogs I read, because my friends are perfectly normal!" I love to read your blogs because they keep this crazy life in perspective and help keep me laughing. That afternoon, when I was feeling so grouchy and undone, I looked around, took a look at my house and myself, and had to laugh aloud. No perfection here! I had just spent the day shopping because I can't do my pants up, my house was a disaster, and I just finished yelling at my kids. For Kelsey's sake, I just had to document it. I have no visions of my posterity or you having ever considered me being perfect. Realistically, I'm actually just hoping my children are not going to be in counseling someday as a result of my imperfections.

So, anyway, if you ever get sick of reading your other friend's "perfect" blogs, you can just click on mine. It seems the one thing I'm "perfect" at is being imperfect!


Heather W. said...

Kelly, you're funny. I liked your post about your bad day. I don't think it's normal to have a CLEAN house and to be perfect, no such thing. I"d really hate to have you see what my house looks like, I'm very unorganized and it shows. So glad to see that little Claire is doing great. I have something for you and the baby and I need to drop by one of these days.

dippyrooroo said...

Oh Kelly! You're funny! I thought it was great that you put a spotlight on the ways that we build these false images of ourselves and the ways that we believe the fronts that other people put up! Life would be so much easier if everyone were as open as you are willing to be and we all just accepted ourselves and our bad days and never ending work loads and cut ourselves some slack! I think you're great!

Darcie said...

Kell, I know you're not perfect, pretty darn near close, but not perfect. The only thing keeping you from perfect is the anti-drug and alcohol convention when you were in high school (ya, you know what you did). But I suppose being homeless for a day totally cancels that out... so, I guess you are perfect. "We salute" you!

Darcie said...

Oh, I just thought of another reason you're not perfect: you totally went to Bear River High. Not even close to being as good as Weber High (you do remember our wars over this, correct?). So, you're back to not being perfect again. But, on the other hand, you would wake up at 5 am just to exercise, sigh, perfect again. True, but you also cooked a plastic plate in the oven during one of those early mornings... not perfect again.

D'Lonna said...


we all know you are perfect. It just good to know that once in while you have a day like us normal people.